How to Tone Those Turkey Legs & Keep Running Over the Christmas Period

December 18th, 2019

All of December from the 1st to the 31st, everyone’s favourite festive activity seems to be eating everything from mince pies to roast turkey.

In this time of celebration, lots of people forget all about running (what half marathon next year?) and let their years worth of hard work and training lose the battle against the chocolates you receive every year without fail, from the distant family members you barely know the names of.

More worryingly this can lead to a decrease in motivation towards training coming into January and February and your chances of hitting that PB come the end of 2020 are looking slimmer.

However, here is your one stop guide to keeping on the roads and off the pigs in blankets. I am obviously not a dietary expert so take these ideas with a pinch of salt (not too much however) and remember you are allowed to enjoy yourself throughout this season, but keep these tips in mind.

Every mince pie = 1 Mile

This should make you able to justify your excessive consumption to yourself, as you will definitely run that 36 (and a quarter) mile run this week.

Use the cold as a motivator

If you think to yourself when out running, of that warm fireplace waiting for you on your arrival home, you will run twice as fast… probably.

Amazing views

Just think of the views you will get of that winter sun when you leave the house, also you will be the only runner to enjoy them with others tucked up inside while you’re working hard.

Running one step ahead of the competition

Many runners will be using this time period to rest and put their feet up after a hard year of training but not you, you will continue throughout and thus be a stronger runner in 2020.

Excuse for new Gear

That running jacket you could never justify, those cool trail shoes you thought you’d never need? Think again, Christmas is the time to give, and this includes giving to yourself, so treat yourself and buy some new gear before you hit those frosty roads .

Maybe the cold is not for you?

If even the thought of running in the winter breeze gives you a sniffle, then consider going down to your local gym and hitting the treadmill instead. The warmth in the gym will give similar conditions to running in the summer. A good idea is to run on an incline as running on a flat treadmill is no good for your ankles, so run on a 1% incline and above if you fancy challenging yourself.

Incentivise with the odd treat.

See you can enjoy yourself, within reason, think about that turkey when you get home after your run, yet again it will likely make you run faster and keep your mind positive in the bitter winter winds


Nice as it may seem,  we all know that running is not our priority during the festivities so see if you can utilise a couple of these tips to keep you going, even if its just once or twice a month , I guarantee you will see the benefits come the new year.

The next time I will be writing here is in 2020, so have a “Runtastic” (no, surprisingly I did not find that pun in a cracker) Christmas and see you then!

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