Donate For Free

1 internet search = 1p donation

How many times a day do you search the internet? Probably more times than you think! Whether you are shopping online, catching-up with the day’s match results, or simply looking for a picture of a cat wearing a hat, our friends at Savoo will donate 1p to the charity each time.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Make one simple switch to your daily habit and you can support young cancer patients create happy memories each and every day. The search bar is powered by Bing so the results will be similar, if not the same as your current search engine. So what are you waiting for? Change your habits and your homepage today!



STEP 1  Register with the Savoo website (it only takes two ticks)  

STEP 2  Change your habits and your homepage to the Savoo Website Search page powered by Bing

STEP 3  Carry on as normal and each internet search you make they will donate 1p to Josie’s Dragonfly Trust.

What’s more, if you use one of Savoo’s voucher codes when shopping online, we will also receive a donation at no cost to you. Online voucher codes are available at hundreds of retailers from Amazon, TicketMaster and Pets at Home, to Domino’s Pizza,, office supplies, insurance and more!

If you work for a large organisation, school or university, why not suggest the change to your IT department?


Meal for 2 = £2

Use ChariTABLE Bookings to pre-book your restaurant reservation and for each guest at the table, £1 will be donated to Dragonfly Cancer Trust, at no cost to you!

So whether you’re catching up with friends, celebrating a birthday, or out for a romantic meal, your dining experience will taste all the sweeter knowing you have made a difference at the same time.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can also enter your desired location and the lovely people at ChariTABLE Bookings will suggest places you might like. With nearly 8,000 restaurants listed across the UK, you’re bound to stumble across your next favourite dining experience.


STEP 1  Register with the ChariTABLE Bookings website using just your name and email address. 

STEP 2  Search for your restaurant, or enter your location for a list of suggestions.

STEP 3  Enter your number of guests and the date and time you wish to dine.

STEP 4  Call the restaurant to make your booking.

For every honoured booking, Dragonfly Cancer trust will receive £1 for each person at the table. If you’ve already booked your table for this weekend, simply log your booking on the ChariTABLE Bookings website for a donation to be made.

Invictus Active is founded by Scott Smith and Paul Cooksey, both full time wheelchairs users. They provide the best and latest products that keep you active – they call these ‘lifestyle solutions’. Using the right products on a daily basis can improve your lifestyle and they hope to be able to make these accessible to everyone.

The benefits of being ‘active’ can be achieved through our exercise solutions, these include arm and leg movement, being able to stand easily and through our new product – the Invictus Active Trainer – designed specifically for wheelchairs to improve your fitness, balance and technique.

When making a purchase on the Invictus Active website, you will be asked to choose a charity who will receive a £10.00 donation and you will find Dragonfly Cancer Trust in their list of charities to support.