Fingerprint Jewellery

We are delighted to work with Paula from Ps Jewellery to create unique and meaningful keepsakes for the families we support.


About Ps Jewellery

A message from Paula

Following the loss of my own son Harry I needed something to throw myself into. My friend suggested a course on making silver jewellery. I will never forget that day and how I felt at the end, having created my own lovely item. I felt I had found something that I could do in my spare time from working as a nurse in the NHS and which used my dormant creative skills. It helped me focus my mind and inspired me to make a special piece of sentimental jewellery with Harrys’ print on which I could wear close to my heart. Knowing just how much this meant to me I decided to try to offer this service to others in order for them to have the opportunity to have such a special keepsake capturing their loved ones print forever.

After discussion with my beloved nephews who call me Aunt P, Ps Jewellery was born. I understand how precious these keepsakes are and each one is individually made with love and care. From consultation to the end result they are all handcrafted by me.  I take very good care of any prints I receive and keep them very carefully labelled and safely stored. The original prints are returned to the family once the jewellery is delivered.

My range includes pendants, charms, keyrings, cufflinks, Pandora charms and much more. I also specialise in bespoke pieces.

Samples can be seen on my website, or on my Facebook page @psjewelleryleicestershire.