Susan Forrest

Susan Forrest

1957 – 2013

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Mam was a very special lady, with a huge heart and cracking sense of humour! Always there for others, going above and beyond to try to help people where ever she could. As Duty Manager of The Centre For Sport, Newcastle, she always actively encouraged her friends and trainees to make everything they possibly could out of themselves. Having fun and building for their future, just her way.

An amazing Wife, Mother and loving Nana to ten grand kids, her pride and joy! She could change your way of thinking without you even realising it. To pay it forward was Mam’s way and in her honour we as a family will endeavour to assist the trust and to raise as much cash as we possibly can for such a life changing cause, adding to what Mam has started with her great funeral collection.Her work mates, friends and my dad’s work colleagues at Gregg’s the bakers were so supportive with their generosity and would have made her proud, as we will continue to do so. Living through her and carrying her with us as we journey from now. A truly inspirational woman who would take great pleasure in looking down knowing that she has aided in making last wishes come true. Something that for us as a family is only just beginning! We truly thank you for the opportunity of allowing us to help!