Play the online treasure hunt cleverly crafted by Escape Rooms Durham.

Solve cryptic clues and find hidden passwords to reveal the identity of MR-X.

The game is free to play with a suggested donation for successful agents.

If you enjoy your time playing MR-X, please consider making a donation to help young palliative cancer patients make the most of their time with friends and family.

MR-X has been kindly licenced to Dragonfly Cancer Trust for a limited time for social use only. Organisations wishing to play the game as a team building exercise should contact Escape Rooms Durham. (CLICK HERE)

Difficulty Level 3/5

MR-X is designed to be a challenge for adults, but it suitable for those aged 12 and up. 

All agents playing the game will receive news and secret deals from Dragonfly Cancer Trust. Your email address will remain top secret and you can opt-out of communications at any time in line with our privacy policy.


  • Use the internet to solve the clues; You should use sites such as Google, Twitter, Youtube, Google Maps, street view and local websites to help your search for information.

  • Time yourself to see how fast you are; Set a stopwatch to time your effort. 

  • Type all passwords with lower case letters, and miss out any spaces.

  • Click on the “Hint” button if you are struggling to receive a hint from HQ

  • Solve all 6 clues to discover the surname of Mr X and complete the mission. 

  • Keep the treasure hunt tab open, and use other windows to search.

  • Play with friends at the same time on facetime or over Zoom.

  • The hunt should take anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours to complete. Write down the answers you find to be able to go away and come back to the game if needed. You will have to restart from the beginning if you exit the game. 

  • For extra help, contact the team at Escape Rooms Durham by emailing