Online Pet Show

Online pet show raising funds for young cancer patients

£5 donation per category 

The competition is open to all species of animal who are a part of your family and you can enter as many categories as you like.

Our favourite pet photos will be displayed on our website after the closing date for everyone to enjoy before the overall winners are decided.

In order to spread as much positivity as possible, we have extended our entries into Autumn 2021.


Work From Home Office Assistant 
Have your Zoom meetings been interrupted by furry friends? Reward the contributions of your new colleagues by nominating them for this prestigious award.

Most Chilled Out Pet
Is your pet so laid back it spends most of its time upside down? We want to see the most chilled out pets doing what they do best.

Funniest Photo
We’re looking for hilarious action shots, photos that tell a story, or creative props that will guarantee to crack a smile.

Tiny but Mighty
Open to all pets that are small in stature with huge personalities.

Golden Oldie
Open to all pets over the age of 7 (human) years old.

Best Rescue Pet
For all the rescued animals now living their best life with you.

Best Dressed
Does your dog have a favourite coat? Have you made a top hat for your tortoise?  We want to see the best dressed pets, but only if they are happy and comfortable wearing the outfit or accessories you choose.

Best Lookalike
For any pets with an uncanny likeliness to a family member or celebrity.

Pets With Attitude
Is your budgie super brazen? Does your pooch have a pout? We want to see your sassy pets in all their glory.

Gone But Not Forgotten
For all the pets no longer with us, but have given you wonderful memories to treasure.

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