Remember Someone

The ability to be able to make a donation in memory of a loved one is a remarkable and beautiful way to celebrate a life.

It also plays a pivotal role which allows charities such as Dragonfly Cancer Trust to continue.

To date Dragonfly Cancer Trust has gifted thousands of pounds to children and young people across the length and breadth of the UK. The cash gifts we provide can be spent as they wish, the main aim is that it is used to create very precious and lasting memories. This is extremely powerful as it helps to bring back a sense of freedom, and a sense of control, especially at a time when control may appear to exert no order, no fairness and no hope.

The gift provides a much needed boost of morale. Since Dragonfly Cancer Trust began we are justifiably proud to have helped hundreds of children and young people create a special moment through our gifting.

You really can make a huge difference

Aside from the tireless fund raising efforts from every one of our fabulous supporters, one of the main ways we can continue is from the amazing generosity of individuals like you, those who donates money to the Trust, for the benefit of all those we seek to help.

Tribute Page

Creating a tribute page is a great way to celebrate someone’s life. The fund is relatively easy to set up and can be done in just a few simple steps. Our fundraising office can help guide you through each process. Once your tribute page is up and running you can then share it with family and friends to collect donations in order to make a positive impact.

Donations in lieu of flowers

A lot of people choose to ask for donations rather than flowers at the passing of a loved one. This can be organised quickly via a call or email to our office. You can also send your donation envelopes directly to us along with the option to include Gift Aid to your sum. By doing so your amount is boosted by an additional 25%, as long as you have paid income or capital gains tax in the same year equal to or greater than the amount you are donating. This additional 25% is free and can provide a much needed financial injection, to find out more about gift aid simply call us or click here.

Take on a challenge or organise an event of your own

Choose a special day each year or simply hold a one-off event to help a loved one. Whatever you choose to do our team will be happy to support and guide your through your efforts.