We love hearing about your wonderful fundraising ideas in support of Dragonfly Cancer Trust. Whatever you have planned, our team will be there to support you every step of the way.
Please contact the fundraising office on 0191 261 0971 or email

Organise an event

Whether you’re planning a pub quiz, football tournament or games night, your support will make a huge difference to young cancer patients facing limited time.

Get in touch with your fabulous fundraising idea and we will be on hand with all the love and support you deserve as you plan your event.

Challenge yourself

With challenge events taking place in all shapes and sizes across the country and the world, it’s never been easier to find your next adventure in support of Dragonfly Cancer Trust.

If you need some inspiration to find your next challenge event, get in touch and our team will round up the best options for you.

If you’ve thought up your own wacky challenge, we’d love to hear all about it!

Tins & Badges

You can support Dragonfly Cancer Trust by helping to distribute our collection tins and dragonfly pin badges in your local area.

Perhaps your local shop or pub could display a collection tin or box of badges?

Or perhaps you can sell a pack of 10 or 20 dragonfly pin badges within your workplace, or to family and friends?

Some happy couples even use our pin badges as wedding favours on their big day to help young people create their own happy memories.

Schools & Nurseries

This could be anything from a bake sale, to a school disco, fancy dress or non-uniform day. If you’re based in the North East, you can request a member of the Dragonfly Cancer Trust team to be part of an assembly.

Dragonfly Peg Activity

Register your school or nursery to receive information and materials needed to complete our Dragonfly Peg Activity with the children.

The activity can accompany lessons you may be planning around nature, charities or PHSE topics on the world we live in, depending on the age group taking part.

Materials are provided so that each pupil can decorate their own dragonfly peg to take home and hang up to remind them to be happy every day. Each pupil then collects donations to bring back into school to add to your school’s fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Groups

Get together with friends, or appeal within your local community to form a fundraising group. Together you can raise the profile of Dragonfly Cancer Trust and put your fabulous fundraising ideas into action.

You don’t need to be a fundraising guru, just passionate about making a difference.

Facebook Fundraisers

Remember us on our your birthday or next special occasion! If you use Facebook, you can start a fundraiser where your family and friends can make a donation to Dragonfly Cancer Trust.


Tell us about your great fundraising idea…