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20 Tips for 2020

January 15th, 2020

2020. A new year and a new decade has begun and it’s time to lace up those running shoes and get rid of those extra Christmas pounds. I personally am not a fan of the icy January weather, but all you have to remember is the fantastic cause you are helping and that will help you along your way. Many runners are going to be scared by the single digits so it’s a great opportunity to get ahead of the game. In order to get us runners back out there I have put together 20 tips for 2020 to keep you running throughout.

1. Understand that you’re probably not going to beat Mo Farah.

He is one very fast man.

2. Race with yourself 

Beating your own personal best is one of the most rewarding feelings and remember its your race your running, don’t focus on anyone else’s speed and times.

3. GO! GO! GO!

Do not procrastinate any further (even if it means stop reading this article) go out there and run!

4. Give yourself time to heal  

Even elite athletes don’t run every day of the week. If you don’t give yourself a couple days off you won’t reap the benefits of your training.

5. Keep on going (Oh how typical)

Not stopping running means you can keep the momentum going and I personally think this is better then stopping to have a breath.

6. Sleep well

Being well rested is essential to a productive run . Now you have an excuse to  tell your family when you sleep til the mid afternoon, because your a half marathon runner, obviously .

7. Join a running group

Maybe hold off on that one as something may be coming your way, hint hint.

8. Stay Hydrated

Simple. Drink water. Run. Drink water. Run.

9. Make a goal.

Make sure these goals are achievable such as running for eight miles without stopping by april. Running 15 miles in under an hour on the other hand is not.

10. Find a good playlist

Music for me is essential to a good run, good music with personal meaning behind it will carry you forward when you feel like giving up. Try ABBA, you’ll be surprised how fast you go.

11. Incentivise 

Like I said in the last blog post, having a treat waiting for you when you get home will help you on that home stretch

12. Shake it up 

Different surfaces, different speeds, different gear. Believe it or not running can              get a bit boring day in day out, running the same route, so change it up to keep you interested.

13. 2020 miles in 2020

For our pro dedicated runners out there set yourself this goal. This equates to around 38 miles a week. That means five 7.6 mile runs a week. Wow!

14. Stretch those legs 

Not warming up can be a fatal error and can lead to the ever glorious stiff legs when you wake up on a Monday morning. To combat this stretch before and after your runs. Foam rollers can be helpful with aches and pains and are relatively inexpensive.

15. Have a warm up race.

If your only race this year is the Great North Run, try and warm up with a 10 mile or half marathon before the big day. This means you can get rid of all those nerves and you’ll feel like a pro going into it. Don’t enter one a week before, this will only leave you injury ridden, try about June or July.

16. Eat well.

Eating seven pies and a packet of biscuits before a run will most likely make you throw up, so always make sure you have something light before a run. Likewise, if you don’t eat you will likely feel faint. Even on the days when you don’t run, still eat well as it will help you in the long run.

17. Quality over quantity

Running a shorter distance, but putting more effort into it is a lot better than running for 10 miles but stopping every 10 minutes.

18. Use a training app

These are usually free and are great for tracking your progress. I use Nike’s running app, it gives you targets and rewards when you achieve them. Seeing how far you have come can be very inspiring.

19. Work on your Weaknesses

If you’re struggling running uphill or focusing while running, don’t ignore these issues in your training. Face them and train to get better at them, it will help you in the long run (no pun intended)

20. Just have fun!

At the end of the day, whether you run the distance in one hour or three, it really doesn’t matter. Don’t get too caught up in split times and focus on the fact with every run you’re becoming stronger and that your supporting a fantastic cause whilst doing so.