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My 2019 Great North Run

December 12th, 2019

This year’s great north run was my first half marathon and my first run for Dragonfly Cancer Trust.

Along with being one of the most painful experiences of my life, it was also one of the most rewarding. Personally this run meant a lot to me, because as a child I struggled with mobility and had to regain the ability to run, therefore completing this had always been a dream of mine.

Onto the day of the run. The day started for me at around 7:00am when I woke, had my breakfast and got on my dragonfly top, got a quick photo and left for the run.. Upon arriving in Newcastle, the atmosphere was electric, the sun was shining and everyone was glowing. We were all ready for the task in hand.

Like most of the runners, nature was calling, hence the one and a half hour wait for the world’s largest collection of portaloos. Whilst being a rather painful experience, it was also a great for meeting fellow runners and finding out other peoples stories. This took me until around 10:00am and gave me 40 minutes until start time. Eventually as the workout came to a close and final preparations were completed, it was 10:40 and we set off.

My first impressions were how alarmingly fast I started. My first mile came in at 6’32” and stayed around there for the first parts of the run. The atmosphere from the crowd was incredible and a real motivator to keep going at this pace. At points (in particular mile 8) it was  difficult to keep going, however, the thought of the cause I was running for kept me motivated and proved to be a great inspiration.

The last push of my run finished on a 7’23” mile and it was a great feeling to return to my home of South Shields. Finishing the run in the time I did was a great surprise to me as I was aiming for around 01:45 time therefore finishing in 01:36.06 was an amazing achievement.


The true challenge of the race, however, was finding the charity tent!

The labyrinth of charity tents proves to be quite difficult to navigate and it felt like running the race again trying to find it. After what felt like around 3 years, I discovered the tent where Jane and Sarah, as well as my family were waiting for me. I felt a surge of pride upon entering as it occurred to me how hard I worked towards this moment and how the money I had raised would help towards this fantastic cause.

From this day onwards I decided to continue volunteering for Dragonfly Cancer Trust and hence writing this blog ! For all those interested in running next year I hope this provides some insight into what the Great North Run will be like.




December 4th, 2019

Here is the blog devoted to all things dragonfly and running related as we prepare for the Great North Run 2020.

I am David and I volunteer on a weekly basis at the Dragonfly Cancer Trust office in Newcastle. Last year was my first Great North Run (only 2 months after my 17th birthday) and it’s safe to all the members of the Dream Team smashed it!

Unintentionally, I finished first for the Dream Team (do not ask me how because I still don’t know) which was a  huge success as I ran a personal best time of 01:36:06 finishing 1702nd overall, 31st for my age group and I managed to do that whilst raising money for this incredible cause.

Although it was painful at times (the rubbing and losing a toenail) and probably the hardest thing I have done, the feeling of elation as I crossed the finish line was like nothing else. Which is why I invite you to join the Dream Team for 2020.

This year is going to the biggest run yet for us and we are pulling out all the stops to make sure its your biggest run too, whether you’re a Great North Run veteran or a newbie like I was last year. This year for us is all about building a team so although we may start in different positions, together we are united, and we all have each other’s backs.

So, Sign up! What’s stopping you, you still have plenty of time! It doesn’t matter whether the longest you’ve run is to the bus stop on a Monday morning, together as a team this year we will help each other so we can all achieve our potential and help this great cause.