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How to keep fit during isolation

April 3rd, 2020


Although, much to my displeasure, gyms have been shut and the amount of exercise we are permitted to do has been limited, there are still simple and safe ways that you can keep your fitness levels up all ready for September (fingers crossed).

Whenever you are feeling a bit down or simply have nothing to do I find that any form of exercise can put that smile back on your face and keep you thinking positive. So I have devised a list of different ways you can keep that body energised and fighting fit!


Use that hour wisely

As we are allowed one hour of exercise you can utilise this by running as far as you can within that hour, think of it as a challenge. And if an hour simply doesn’t seem long enough then push yourself harder! To try and stay out of the way of people, try going of the track and maybe try a bit of running on the hills to spice things up.


Stay hydrated

Sounds simple enough, but some people forget how important it is, especially if your water bottle is no longer sitting on your desk staring at you. When you’re exercising, have a bottle with you as it  improves your endurance and your energy levels.

How many biscuits is that today?

It can be all to easy when in the house to eat less healthy foods as they are easy and convenient (and ALOT more appealing than salad) but if you keep eating well you will feel the benefits when you eventually go back to the gym (my one true love.)


Don’t make a cake, make muscle

Bags of flour? Bags of sugar? Maybe even tins of soup ? Anything that you can get your hands on in the kitchen cupboard, lift it, squat with it… heck, do the samba with it! Keeping your muscles active will make you feel miles better and sure, you won’t be Arnold Schwarzenegger after lifting a couple of tins of heinz beans, but every little helps.

Whatever you end up doing make sure you stay safe and remain positive. Don’t forget that you can now join the dragonfly running club on strava and we can have a competition to see who can run the furthest in an hour!
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