10 years together

Josie’s Dragonfly Trust mark 10 years of making dreams come true

Josie’s Dragonfly Trust, a charity which supports children and young people with cancer who have limited time left to create precious and lasting memories with their loved ones is marking its 10th anniversary.  Since Josie’s Dragonfly was established in 2007 children and young people’s cancer support charity CLIC Sargent has been one of its key partners.

Thanks to this partnership, CLIC Sargent teams across the UK have been able to refer hundreds of children and young people up to the age of 24 to the charity for the chance to have special ‘Dragonfly Dream’ wishes come true – or for a cash gift to spend on creating a special memory.

Paul Gathercole, Assistant Director of Services, CLIC Sargent, said:

“We’d like to congratulate the team at Josie’s Dragonfly Trust for ten incredible years.
Thanks to their work, hundreds of young patients supported by CLIC Sargent have been able to share special experiences and to create treasured memories with their loved ones.
We are thankful and proud to work with a charity that does such important work and wish them continued success.”


Rory Gibson, Chair of Trustees, Josie’s Dragonfly Trust, said:

“During the ten years that Josie’s Dragonfly Trust has been in existence, we have helped hundreds of children and young adults, who are facing the end of their lives, and that number continues to grow.

“We are humbled to know that the simple work we do can make such a difference to their lives and also the lives of their families.

“When time is of the essence, it is our only goal to make sure that we deliver on the requests we receive, because we realise that in making their request for a cash gift or for a Dragonfly Dream, it will have been after an intimate discussion between the child and the family about what matters to them most and what will make that memory special.

“It is largely through our relationship with CLIC that we can reach those families all across the country and are able to help them in the way that we do.”