Well done Elise!

Every once in a while we are approached by the most incredible individuals who are raising money for the Trust and Elise is no exception!

Aged just 16, Elise heard about Josie’s Dragonfly Trust through her teacher at school and was struck by her story. A few years ago we gave a Cash Gift to her teacher’s dear friend Mark which he used to create some really special memories with his family and friends. Like each request we receive, the difference your support makes does not end with the recipient as those happy memories are treasured forever by those left behind.

Inspired by what she heard from her teacher, Elise got in touch with her plans to organise a music night at her school, Rye Hills Academy in Redcar.

With exam season approaching, this was to be Elise’s final performance
at her school and asked her music department if she could take over the organisation of the event.

“I am a passionate performer and love the thrill of being on stage, however performing for something greater than myself and friends would be an unforgettable experience.”
Not only is Elise a talented musician, she’s pretty amazing at organising events too! In one evening at her school she raised enough money to grant a Cash Gift for another young person just like Mark. Pretty incredible right?
Elise said…
“When I heard about how the charity had changed one of my teacher’s dearest friend’s life, I immediately knew I wanted to be able to say that I had helped to contribute to these kinds of opportunities! Although organising an entire event myself and being 16 put me through my paces, it only made the experience even more special and worthwhile! I would strongly advise anybody to involve themselves with such wonderful organisations such as Josie’s Dragonfly Trust…

You can help make a mark on somebody else’s life!

I was shocked by how much I’d raised to be quite honest and I couldn’t be any prouder of how well my performers did, I think due to it being for Josie’s Dragonfly Trust they pushed themselves to the complete max so thank you once again! It’s been a pleasure!”
Thank YOU Elise, we think you’re pretty amazing yourself.
Elise’s teacher, Miss McCready, will be running the Great North Run for Josie’s Dragonfly Trust for the second year in memory of her friend Mark.
CLICK HERE to find out how you can join her.