What we do

Josie’s Dragonfly Trust makes a very real and positive difference to the lives of young cancer patients with limited time.

We passionately believe in the importance of happy memories and we work tirelessly to make them happen for young people and their families.


Cash Gifts

These are given to children and young people, enabling them to do something special in the time they have left. Having their own money to spend provides these young patients with a sense of empowerment, giving back a little control when they often feel like this has been taken away by their illness. Lots of young people are reluctant to ask for anything, knowing how much their family have struggled to help them. Many parents lose their job as all too often they have taken extended time off work to care for their loved ones. The money given allows the patients to do some very special and often selfless things, to ensure they can leave their footprint on the world and be remembered in the way they wish to be.


Dragonfly Dreams

These are created for a young person when they have a very specific request but have no means or contact to make it happen. Our team of special volunteers are able to do this at very short notice and put everything in place for the recipient and their family. The requests can be anything from receiving a call from a football legend, to meeting a VIP, or arranging a very special photoshoot. Whatever we are charged with, we work really hard to make it happen so all the young person and their family have to worry about is having a great time together.

Glass Hearts

In addition to a Cash Gift or Dragonfly Dream, young patients can order a personalised glass heart to pass on as a parting gift to loved ones.

Each heart is lasored with a hand written message, drawing or handprint from the young person to create a very personal gift which their family can treasure forever.



Specialist Arts and Craft Kits

Activity boxes are sent out to 25 children’s and young people’s cancer wards across the UK. The kits contain up to £250 worth of activities and provide hours of fun and distraction for the young people on the wards. The contents are carefully chosen with regular feedback from the hospital play-workers to ensure the activities are age appropriate and always popular.